Dairy companies restructured within Maag Group

Maag Grupp OÜ, Estonia’s leading food processing industry group, has restructured the dairy companies under its ownership, merging Tere AS and AS Farmi Piimatööstus to form a single company: Nordic Milk.

“We’ve restructured the companies so that we now have one dairy group, which we’ve called Nordic Milk,” said Roland Lepp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Tere and Farmi Piimatööstus. “The structural changes mean more effective management and create an improved platform to expand the companies’ operations into Latvia and Lithuania, and possibly even the Nordic countries. Our aim is to become the number-one food processing industry group in the region, but to do that we’ll really have to push for expansion on all of our neighbouring markets. We’re constantly looking for ways we can make that happen.” 

In the words of chairman of the management board of Tere and Farmi Piimatööstus Ülo Kivine, Nordic Milk is a group of dairy companies belonging to the Maag Group that will help it run its companies more effectively and break into new markets. “A clear structure that’s easy to understand, robust companies and trademarks in Tere and Farmi and an eagerness to grow are what Nordic Milk is all about,” he said. 

Kivine added that since the Maag Group also owns meat-processing companies, it will certainly be looking for synergy between companies within the group. “Farmi and Tere are both big Estonian companies with long histories, and our aims are to steer the group towards and develop exports, to establish more crossover between companies, to consolidate our processes even further and to bring all of our functions into line,” he explained. 

Tere AS ( and Farmi Piimatööstuse AS ( represent the leading dairy industry group in Estonia, with a consolidated market share on the fresh dairy product market of 40% and a combined range of almost 400 different products. The companies’ dairies in Jõhvi, Põlva and Viljandi supply 500 tonnes of milk every day. In addition to the local market, the companies’ products are exported to 20 other countries. The four production units and central office of Tere and Farmi employ a total of 572 people.


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Ülo Kivine, Chairman of the Management Board, Tere AS and Farmi Piimatööstuse AS

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