FARMI Piimatööstus Ltd

FARMI Piimatööstus is a dairy company based on Estonian capital. AS FARMI Piimatööstus is a subsidiary of AS MAAG Grupp and deals with production and marketing of high-quality dairy products.

We also have the honour of considering ourselves the successor of the Kunda dairy company, which is the oldest in Estonia and established 160 years ago. AS Maag Piimatööstus (under this name) was established in 2003 and 2015 was company renamed as Farmi Piimatööstus.

At present, the area of the production premises of FARMI Piimatööstus is ca. 11,000 m2. The dairies of FARMI Piimatööstus in Jõhvi and the cheese production department in Annikvere employ ca 200 people. We process ca. 190 tons of raw milk per day and use it to make ca. 3500 tons of products in 16 product segments. Our turnover ca. 45 million euros.

FARMI Piimatööstus is the dairy industry company with the broadest product portfolio in Estonia; We package our products in plastic film, Pure Sense and flow packaging, plastic bottles and tubs.


FARMI Piimatööstus only uses local raw materials and is able to guarantee the quality of its products by cooperating only with the best farms.

FARMI Piimatööstus holds a BRC and FSSC 22000 certificate. The high quality of our products has won us the title of Best Estonian Dairy Product and the ‘Swallow Label’ of Approved Estonian Taste several times.

The "Farmi" products are natural and do not contain preservatives.


The portfolio of FARMI Piimatööstus contains many products that are the ‘first in Estonia’. Our cottage cheese with sour cream, creamy yoghurt, the unique yoghurt shake, bottled dairy products and yoghurts made by the thermostat method are extremely popular. 

At present, we are the market leaders in Estonia in the cream cheese segment and also the biggest exporters of curd bars.


The characteristic trendy Estonian national pattern on the packaging of Farmi products symbolises a sustainable combination of traditions and modern technology.

The Farmi trademark has been on the market since 1999. The main design element used on the packaging is the national costume belt. The Farmi logo is inspired by the sun and a brooch. The belt as the link between different generations, as the link between past traditions and contemporary technology, as protection against ‘evil forces’ – it is known as a symbol of this in all the Baltic States (and elsewhere). The belt patterns on different products represent different counties, so in addition to offering you something delicious the packaging also has an educational goal.

Our slogan – Estonia praises us! – is ambitious. We hope that good product quality, strong product development and modern packaging style help us win your praise as well.

AS FARMI Piimatööstus, Linda 15, 41536 Jõhvi, Tel. +372 332 1404 piim@farmi.ee