Rakvere Piim is the oldest dairy company in Estonia.  Its origins can be traced back one and a half centuries to 1850, when the dairy of Kunda Manor was started (later Linnuse factory - now closed).

A number of dairies emerged in Virumaa (Ubja, Selja, Karitsa et al.). Mainly Virumaa and St. Petersburg were supplied with quark, sour-cream and butter, but the goods also reached England and Denmark.

Thanks to their quality, Virumaa dairy products have received a number of awards throughout times.

In Rakvere, the dairy industry started in 1893.  When Estonians started to found co-operative dairies, Rakvere Piimaühing was also founded in 1921.  Fifteen years later they built a new and modern dairy, which now forms part of the current dairy.

In the Soviet time the dairy produced quark, sour-cream and butter that were sold in North-Estonia and St. Petersburg.

Until autumn 1950 agricultural co-operatives existed. Then co-operatives were dissolved and state butter dairies were established under centres of butter dairies. Rakvere Inter-Raion Centre of Butter Dairies was situated in Pikk street, at the corner of Pikk street and Tõusu street, in Rakvere.

From 1954 to 1958 there were trusts instead of the centres - Kunda, later Linnuse factory, was under Tallinn Trust.

In 1959 establishment of industrial combines was started, Rakvere Võitööstus (Rakvere Butter Dairy) belonged to Kiviõli PTK (Kiviõli Dairy Product Combine).

In 1961-1964 next reorganisation of combines took place.  Rakvere Piimatoodete Kombinaat (Dairy Product Combine) was established in 1963.  The combine had the following units:

1. Rakvere butter factory - 3 creameries, 9 dairy points

2. Väike Maarja factory - 1 creamery, 5 dairy points

3. Vihula butter factory - 4 creameries, 11 dairy points

4. Kunda butter factory - 2 creameries, 8 dairy points

5. Kadrina factory - 4 creameries, 4 dairy points

6. Pikevere butter production department - 1 subfactory, 1 creamery, 1 dairy point

7. Viru-Jaagupi butter production department - 1 creamery, 9 dairy points

8. Kohala butter production department - 1 subfactory, 1 creamery, 2 dairy points

9. Simuna butter factory - 2 creameries, 1 dairy point

10. Laekvere butter production department - 2 creameries

In October 1991 the company was renamed RAS Rakvere Piimatööstus, in January 1995 AS Rakvere Piimatööstus.

In May 1995 AS Rakvere Piim was privatised to Rakvere Piimaühistu.

In 1996, Rakvere Piim issued shares to AS Põlva Piim in order to provide funds for investment.  As a result, Rakvere Piimaühistu shareholding in Rakvere Piim was reduced to 51%, with Põlva Piim holding 46% and shareholders 3%.

In 1997 Alpamayo Ltd. took over the privatisation contract of Rakvere Piimaühistu and bought the shareholding of Põlva Piim in the company.  As a result, Alpamayo Ltd. acquired 87 per cent of the company, the remaining 10 per cent was owned by Rakvere Piimaühistu and 3 per cent divided between local shareholders.

In 1998 Rakvere Piim built a new cold store.

In 1999 Rakvere Piim launched the "Farmi" trademark and started producing yogurt.

In 2000, the Annikvere cheese factory was approved as conforming to the European Union standards.

In 2001, Rakvere Piim grew very rapidly, as other dairies at Jõgeva, Kiiu, Raasiku and Väike-Marja closed and the Rapla Dairy stopped production of fresh dairy products.

In 2002 Alpamayo Ltd. increased its shareholding in Rakvere Piim AS to 100%.  The factory at Rakvere was approved under the Estonian Food Hygiene Law.

On the night of 6th December 2002, a fire burnt out part of the second floor of the Rakvere factory, including the staff changing areas and production offices.  During 2003, the areas damaged by the fire were fully restored.


The predecessor of the present Annikvere factory was Vihula dairy point that was later renamed joint dairy, founded in 1922.  At first, butter was made.

In 1950 Vihula Dairy Co-operative was renamed Vihula Võitööstus (Butter Dairy). In addition to butter they started to make light quark, caseine and light cheese in small quanitites.

In 1960s, production of Kostroma cheese was started in Vihula factory in addition to butter.  Butter production was finished from 1973.

In 1979 Vihula was renamed Annikvere (the factory is situated in Annikvere village).

In the first years of the reindependent Republic of Estonia Kostroma cheese was renamed Lahe cheese, because the previous standard of the cheese belonged to the USSR.

In 1997 Marta cheese with herbs was developed. In 2003 production of Lahe Light and Lahe Ekstra was started.

From June 2000 Annikvere department has the approval according to the European Union requirements.

AS FARMI Piimatööstus, Linda 15, 41536 Jõhvi, Tel. +372 332 1404 piim@farmi.ee