Farmi first in Baltics in Pure-Pak® Sense with a revolutionary new milk

Farmi Piimatööstus, a pioneering dairy in Estonia, is the first in the Baltics to launch its products in Pure-Pak® Sense cartons including a new revolutionary pure pasteurized countryside milk with a non-standardized fat content.

In 2015 Farmi re-launched several of its products in the waste-saving Pure-Pak® Sense cartons. The products include a lactose free yoghurt, drinking yoghurts and yoghurts with particles. The Farmi milk products include full-fat milk, 2.5% milk, sour milk and the new non-standardized Countryside milk with 3.5-4.2% fat.  Farmi also packages Coffee Cream and Whipping Cream in 250ml Classic Pure-Pak® cartons.


Farmi invested in Elopak technology to bring new flexibility to its filling operations. “We installed a S-PS60 which enables Farmi to fill several different products into a variety of carton configurations, caps and sizes on one machine. This flexibility in operation brings significant efficiencies and competitive advantages for Farmi to a busy dairy market,” explains Olgert Pallo, Elopak Oy.


Farmi is well known for having many ‘firsts’ in Estonia and the Baltics and both the launch of Pure-Pak® Sense cartons and the new non standardized milk are the latest of a long line of innovations. “The recent launches have brought great success to Farmi,” adds Olgert. “The new milk concept of non-standardized product brings the consumer a very different product which is a real, pure milk from the countryside – enhancing milk’s natural benefits.”


The introduction of the Pure-Pak® Sense cartons and the new pure Countryside milk has been supported by a creative marketing campaign including TV slots and highly visible outdoor advertising. The campaign focusses on the benefits of pure milk to the whole family and also on the folding capability of the carton which allows consumers to easily squeeze out more product bringing them greater value for money. Adverts feature the Farmi yoghurt products with the strapline ‘Farm yoghurt gives you everything’ and clearly communicates that the new folding carton enables the ‘entire contents’ to be consumed. 

AS FARMI Piimatööstus, Linda 15, 41536 Jõhvi, Tel. +372 332 1404