Farmi launches new yogurt smoothies and rjaženka in 750ml Pure-Pak® Sense cartons

FARMI Piimatööstus in Estonia has introduced the 750ml Pure-Pak® Sense carton for two new products – a range of yoghurt smoothies and a new flavoured rjaženka

The new yoghurt smoothies ‘Smuuti’ feature three exciting fruit-mix flavours -  raspberry-banana-apple-mint, banana-mango-pineapple-banana-passion fruit and also blueberry-oat-chai seeds. The products have a high fruit content of 13-14 per cent and only one per cent fat. The smoothie recipes have been developed to reflect the changing tastes of consumers for new, healthy and exotic flavours.

Farmi’s has also launched a new rjaženka variety in the 750ml Pure-Pak® Sense cartons.

Originating from Russia and Ukraine, rjaženka is a fermented sour milk beverage which remains today a very popular product across much of eastern Europe. This addition is the rjaženka introduced by Farmi and has a slight caramel flavour and cream colour. It is perfect for pouring over breakfast cereal and is often used for cooking as a replacement for yoghurt or kefir.

The introduction of the 750ml Pure-Pak® Sense carton by Farmi follows the company’s success in 2015 as the first in the Baltics to launch products in the 1 litre Pure-Pak® Sense cartons.

“The Pure-Pak® Sense carton with its waste saving feature has been a huge success for Farmi,” explains Olgert Pallo, Elopak Oy. “Research has shown that the easy-to-fold feature of the carton enables consumers to extract 99% of product helping to reduce food waste and enabling the used package to take up less space in trash or recycling.”

Farmi states that the unique embossed ‘first touch’ zone near the gable top on each side of the Pure-Pak® Sense carton give consumers a different and improved handling experience. In addition, the large cap ensures better pouring for a more comfortable to use package.  

“The rounded features of the carton including top fin and smooth front panel gives Farmi differentiation on shelf for its new products,” adds Olgert Pallo. “This company has pioneered the Pure-Pak® Sense carton in the Baltics with great success including winning the Best Dairy Product of the Year with its sour milk product packaged in the cartons presented by the Estonian Food Industry Association.

“These latest launches now bring the first 750ml Pure-Pak® Sense to the region with equally innovative products that continue to win over the Farmi consumer,” 

AS FARMI Piimatööstus, Linda 15, 41536 Jõhvi, Tel. +372 332 1404