Cream cheese

Spread with cucumber and dill 150 g

CURD 52%, vegetable oils (palm oil*, shea butter, coconut oil), water, cucumbers 8%,  WHEY powder, salt, garlic, dill 0.15%, gelatin, glucose syrup, sugar, modified starch, acidity regulators (lactic acid, calcium citrate), wine vinegar, flavourings, black pepper, stabilisers (E410, E427b,E407, E471), thickeners (E412,E415), food colour (carotenes).  * RSPO certified. The product may contain traces of mustard and celery.

Product weight 150 g
Storage temperature +2..+6

Nutritional information

100 g product contains:

Energy 809 kJ/ 195 kcal
Fats 16,8 g
of which are saturated fatty acids 9,4 g
Carbons 4,4 g
of which sugar 3,8 g
Proteins 6,6 g
Salt 1 g

Merchant information

EAN code 4740113092382
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